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​Who is SilverSurfer:


I am a Internet Radio DJ who lives on the great southern beaches of Florida. I am not a comic book character, nor do I play one on TV. I live off of music, coconut milk and the hopes of winning the lottery one day. I am an entertainer and I have an understanding that music is therapy for the soul, so tune me in for YOUR therapy.

I lend my services to one of the best damn internet radio stations on the planet - Digital Revolution Radio. I have been doing the DJ piece since 2013. Digital Revolution Radio has some of the best DJ's you will ever hear on the radio or internet. The Revolution is your home for Rock and Roll Madness that offers DJ's live 24/7 taking your requests and a chatroom to hang out  with those DJ's and other fans. Digital Revolution Radio is currently broadcasted throughout the world - so click on the picture to the left and come visit the website. There you will find DJ's to interact with, schedules, and plenty of links to explore for your liking.


Keep it tuned in and cranked up!



Click to visit Digital Revolution Radio

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